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Company Name First Rate Corporation
Head Office Address
Ota Sakura Industrial Park,
81-3 Midori-cho, Ota-City, Gunma-ken, Postal Code 373-0073 Japan

January 24, 2002
(Japanese YEN)

Branch Office
■Tokyo Branch Office (Open from July 03, 2017)
ADD: 1-5-5 Mukougaoka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
       Postal Code 113-0023 Japan
TEL: +81-3-6801-8188   FAX: +81-3-6801-8188

Logistic Center
■Ota Logistic Center (Opened from Aug 18, 2015)
ADD: Ota Sakura Industrial Park,
      81-3 Midori-cho, Ota-City, Gunma-ken, PO373-0073 Japan

■Isesaki Logistic Center (Re-open from Mar 07, 2016)
ADD: 845-2 Akaborikashima-cho, Isesaki-city, Gunma-ken PO379-2202 Japan

■Kashima Logistic Center (Opened in Mar 01, 2019)
ADD: 755 Akaborikashima-cho, Isesaki-city, Gunma-ken PO379-2202 Japan

Business Opereation
■ Import of Medical and Food Disporsable Products
■ Distribution
■ R&D
Sales Departments
■ East Japan Sales Section(Headquater)
■ Metropolitan Sales Section(Tokyo Office)
■ West Japan Sales Section(Headquater)
Products Line
■ Medical Grade Disposable Gloves (PVC, Latex, Nitrile)
■ Food Industry PE Disposable Gloves
■ Sterilization Roll Bags & Pouch
■ Non-Woven Products for Medical use (Face Mask, Gown and etc)
■ Examination Disposable Goods
■ Disposable Goods for Dental use
■ Nursing Disposable Goods
■ Healthcare Products
■ Paper Cup and goods
■ Orthopedics Suppo
■ "ORTHOPROP" Exclusive Agent in Japan
Overseas BusinessNetwork
■ The People's Republic of China
■ Republic of China(TAIWAN)
■ Repblic of Indonesia
■ The Republic of Korea
■ Malaysia
■ Tailand
■ Cambodia
Cooperate Banks
Bank of Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ, Omiya-Ekimae Branch
Ashikaga Bank, Kiryu Branch
Gunma Bank, Kiryu Branch
■ Kiryu Shinkin Bank, Shin-Kiryu Branch
■ Saitama Risona Bank, Kumagaya Branch
Contact Department
Overseas Division (In Head Office)
TEL: +81-276-56-4888

Tokyo Branch Office
TEL: +81-3-3-6801-8188

HEAD OFFICE in Ota-city
                                                                                      August, 2015                                                   
Tokyo Branch Office
                                                                                                                            July, 2017
Logistics Center

                               Feb.,2007(Renewal in Mar, 2016)